Camaro Club of San Diego By-Laws

ARTICLE I – Club Name
The name of this organization shall be, Camaro Club of San Diego

ARTICLE II – Purpose
The purpose of this club is to establish fellowship among members, provide information, technical assistance and share the interest of the Chevrolet Camaro. Our main goal is to preserve, restore and maintain the Camaro and its history. This includes Camaros of all styles: stock, restored, original or modified from 1967 to present date.

ARTICLE III – Governing Body
Officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Director, and Car Club Council Representative. Any club member in good standing shall be eligible to hold one of these offices. ELECTIONS OF NEW OFFICERS for the Camaro Club of San Diego will be held each year at the October general meeting. Announcement of elections shall be made to the membership not less than two months prior to the elections and candidates announced no later than the September general meeting. Any member may request an absentee ballot, or telephone their choice of candidate to the Club Secretary. All absentee balloting must be returned before the October general meeting. Candidates shall be elected by a majority vote. Officers are limited to two consecutive terms per office, unless unopposed, in which case the term of office will be extended yearly as re-elected.

PRESIDENT: Shall be the chief officer of this club and shall preside at all meetings of its membership. The President shall supervise all affairs of the club and meetings of its membership. At the end of each club year the President shall appoint two auditors, for the purpose of auditing the club treasury. One of the appointed auditors must be currently serving as an officer of the Camaro Club of San Diego.
VICE PRESIDENT: Shall act as the President of this club when the office becomes vacant, until a meeting of the membership elects a successor. The Vice President shall head all committees and provide reports.
SECRETARY: Shall record all the proceedings of this club and shall be empowered to certify jointly for the President as to such proceedings. The Secretary shall handle all correspondence.
TREASURER: Shall have custody of all club funds and shall keep in books belonging to the club full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements, he/she shall deposit all monies, and other valuable effects in the name of the club, in such depositories as may be designated for that purpose, by the membership. He/she shall disburse the funds of the club as may be directed by the officers, and the membership, taking proper vouchers for such disbursement, and shall render to the officers and membership whenever requested by them, an account of all his/her transactions as Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be in charge of all membership documents.
ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR: Shall be in charge of coordinating official club activities such as car shows, club runs, meets, etc. Committees can be formed for assistance.
COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE: Shall attend and represent the Camaro Club of San Diego at the monthly meeting of the Car Club Council of Greater San Diego, (or arrange for an alternate). Gather all information on meets, runs, shows, etc. and forward to the Activities Director. Other related duties could be assigned as needed by the President.

ARTICLE IV – Resignation
Any member may resign by written notice to the Secretary or Treasurer. His/her resignation shall become effective upon receipt and upon payment of any and all indebtedness due the club.

ARTICLE V – Meetings
Monthly meetings shall be encouraged and held on the first Wednesday of each month. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the President and must be called at least seven to ten days in advance. An annual meeting shall be held each year for the purpose of elections of officers, annual reports and committees.

ARTICLE VI – Amendments to By Laws
Any member in good standing may propose written notice to the officers, at any regular meeting, any irregularities, changes, additions, deletions, and/or corrections that need to be made to the By Laws of the Camaro Club of San Diego. The written proposal shall then be presented to the voting membership. If said proposal passes by majority vote, then the By Laws will be changed, added or whatever action is required. (Copies of the Camaro Club of San Diego complete By Laws shall be given to every member).
This constitution and By Laws were approved and adopted by majority vote of the membership present at the meeting held on the eighth day of September 1993.
By Laws amended January 10, 1996.
By Laws amended October 8, 1997.
By Laws amended August 1st, 1998.
By Laws amended June 5, 2002.
By Laws amended February 2, 2005 (returns to 1998 edition).